6D Poetry Slam

Our focus in Literacy this term has been on poetry, and to put the student’s skills to the test and have some fun, we held the first round of our ‘poetry slam’ on Thursday. Not sure what a ‘poetry slam’ is? Here is one brief definition:

“Simply put, a poetry slam is the competitive art of performance poetry. It puts dual emphasis on writing and performance, encouraging poets to focus on what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. A poetry slam is an event in which poets perform their work and are judged by members of the audience.”

Individually or in teams, the students had 20 minutes to write any type of poem on any topic of their choice. They then competed against another team and the winner was determined by their peers. Driven  by competition;  the content of the poetry was amazing. Everyone did a fantastic job in both writing and presenting.

On Friday’s Pupil Free Day, the staff were treated to an extremely informative, engaging and beneficial professional development session by Michael Ymer, which focused on providing engaging and differentiated number fluency activities. It will be great to use these new activities to begin our Maths lessons with.

Coding Games

Please take the time to have a play of some of the amazing games that our Year 6 students have been coding using Scratch and Code.org. There will be more games added as they are completed!

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The Latest News From 6D.

This week, for the last time, the students were entertained and educated by Harold in the Life Ed van. Following the session where the students discussed many issues involving making informed choices about drugs, smoking  and alcohol, it was a very emotional scene as the students waved goodbye to the popular giraffe. Completing the associated work book is one of the requirements for homework this week.

Bike Ed has been going well. It is good to refresh  the student’s memories about bicycle safety and being responsible when riding in the community. Thank you to parents who have helped out with the sessions. After this week Bike Ed has a few weeks break to allow for the Curriculum Day (Friday, November 10th) and Japanese Day (Friday, November, 17th)

The filming now is all complete and Bruce is frantically editing all of the footage from the nine senior classes in preparation for the movie’s world wide premiere at Rosebud Cinema on Tuesday, November 28th followed up by sessions on Wednesday the 29th. We have seen the ‘rushes’ (unedited footage) from our filming day and with Bruce’s magic, it will look fantastic.

Sensei Nickeas has planned  an action filled Japanese day with lots of fun and learning. Soon the students will learn whether they are representing ‘Shiro’ (the white team) or ‘Aka’ (the red team).

Graduation preparation is well under way with Miss Bell and Mr Beirne spending lots of time collaborating with the students to plan their contribution to the evenings entertainment and formalities. A group of parents are also busy planning and organising the ‘neon/glow’ themed decorations that will convert the gym into an amazing setting for the big occasion.

In Maths Groups, we are revisiting multiplication and division to ensure the students have good knowledge and understanding of these functions before they head off to secondary school.

Poetry, reading and spelling are our current focuses in Literacy. The students have found the poetry very engaging and stimulating for their creativity.

The Natural Disasters project has just started in Inquiry and will be the last big project that these students do in primary school. In small groups they will be required to present their research information based on a natural disaster from Europe or North America.

Enjoy the video:

The Realm of Respect

A big congratulations to all of the students for their excellent efforts and showing enormous resilience and persistence through the seemingly endless takes in doing their filming today. Thanks to Bruce for his patience and to all of the parents and staff in making today a success. Can’t wait to see it at the Rosebud Cinema.

Life Education Parent Session

Dear Parents,
Life Education is visiting our school from next Monday 23rd of October.
As part of this visit a complimentary Parent Information Session is offered. The duration of the session is approximately 30 minutes and is held in the Mobile Learning Centre (MLC) on Monday 23rd October at 9am.
This gives parents an opportunity to gain an understanding of what the students will experience during the session.

Karen Walker
Assistant Principal

Nude Food Day, Bike Ed & Film

Nude Food Day, supported by Nude Food Movers and in partnership with Nutrition Australia, creates a globally recognised day in which we can all come together and show our support towards healthy eating and waste reduction.

On Friday the 20th of October we are encouraging all students to bring fresh, healthy, rubbish free lunches to our school in support of Nude Food Day.

Nude Food Day is a chance for our students to realise what they can do for their health and the health of the planet. An event like this can give all of us at Mount Martha Primary School a taste of the benefits, ease and fun involved in packing a healthy, wrapper free lunch!

From Harry, Connor, Coco and Kya (Year 6 Nude Food Leadership Group)

Don’t forget that Bike Ed starts this Friday, so please ensure that all bikes are in safe working order, and all helmets are approved and in good condition. (see the ‘Important Dates’ information in this blog for the dates of the remaining four sessions).

Our Film Day is next Tuesday so please ensure that anything that is needed to complete costumes is sorted out over the weekend.

Goodbye Term 3

There has been so much happening over the past few weeks in 6D with the Summer Lightning Premiership, Year 6 Market, Footy Parade, sandwich making using a peer’s procedural text and the students using mindfulness to help clear their minds and refocus on the task at hand.

Fourth Term is looking just as busy with the film, Bike-Ed, Life-Ed and Graduation. So everyone have a safe and relaxing break and refresh the batteries for a big last term of primary school.

Enjoy the video

Year 6 Market 2017

After months of hard work and much use of  the ‘You Can Do It’ foundations of organisation, getting along, confidence, persistence and resilience, it was great to finally see all of the Year 6 student’s efforts rewarded with the market being such a huge success. What an amazing sight it was to see all of the colourful market stalls inundated with excited customers all enjoying themselves either sampling the scrumptious food, soaking in the creativity of the art and craft stalls or testing themselves with some of the challenging games and activities.

The students did a fantastic job in setting up and packing up; they were one big team with everyone helping each other. Thanks to everyone who helped to ensure that the day was a success for the students including the sponsors, office staff, pre-service  teachers, all other school staff and of course the parents, who have had to endure months of stress, demands, tears, driving students to collect donated goods, borrowing and carting around huge marquees, and constructing various items; the list goes on.

Congratulations and thanks everyone.

Market Homework Help

Dear Parents/Carers,

The students have received their homework for week 9, however, it is important that they share certain aspects of this with you. In the lead up to the market, they are required to complete tasks. As part of the project, it is important that they do this independently, with guidance from adults.

Here is a snippet from their homework to help you with your child/ren


This week you need to collect certain items for our ‘Mock Stall’ set-up. This process allows us to see what items each team still requires and is a good practice in setting up on their own.

As part of the project, it is important that you gather the following items;

  • Powerboards, extension cords
  • Marquee
  • Tables (if bringing a table in)

It is beneficial for the students to have practise in setting up the marquee, as it is an expectation of the project that they can ‘set-up’ a stall independently. The year six staff will be there to assist with any difficulties and safety concerns.

It is important that you discuss with your parents where you are up to, the expectations and how they can help you to finalise this big event. We appreciate their support

  1. Market Day!

The lead up to the market will be both exciting and tiring! In the lead up to the day, you will need to consider completing the following;

  • Product preparation (making items for the day at home or before school on market day- we don’t have time at school on the day to prepare any products)
  • Stall Decorations
  • Pick up non-perishable items, labelled with team name
  • Contact sponsors about final product pick up dates and times

Although each group is providing a different service, a general list of items for you to consider and need to collect and bring in for the day;

  • Containers for products
  • Utensils for serving such as tongs, gloves, spoons etc
  • Decorations for your stall
  • Duct tape
  • Any cooking items such as saucepans, wooden spoons etc
  • Garbage bags and plastic bags
  • Gladwrap
  • Paper towel for spills


  • Planning Day- Monday 11th September
  • Summer Lightning Premiership- Tuesday 12th September
  • Mock Market Set up- Wednesday 13th September
  • Market- Friday 15th September