Coding apps with Javascript

Most 12-year-olds love playing videogames — but Thomas Suarez taught himself how to create them. After developing iPhone apps like “Bustin Jeiber,” a whack-a-mole game, he is now using his skills to help other kids become developers.

Students in 6 at Mount Martha Primary School are starting to learn how to code simple apps using Javascript. You can click the links in the Padlets below to have a look at their coding.

Year 6 Apps

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STEM – Building Bridges

Two terms down and only two terms to go before all of the Year 6 students head off to secondary school. Third term is looking like another busy period with the Year 6 Market being the main cross-curricular focus. The students have already started forming groups, with some adjustments still likely, and have begun to throw around ideas that have to be presented to the teacher’s ‘Shark Tank’ panel before getting approval. Also the upcoming visits to Dromana Secondary College are a valuable step in transitioning from Year 6 to 7, no matter which secondary school the students are going to. Our Inquiry next term is based around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and today the students had taste of what to expect when they undertook the challenge of constructing a bridge that could support a container of rocks over a span of 50 cms. The design brief for this exercise also stipulated that the only materials that could be used were common classroom materials such as paper, straws, masking tape, tooth picks, icy pole sticks and string. It was great to see the students using their innovation and creativity in producing many successful designs.

Real World Maths, Art Awards and Book Donations

With the end to a very busy second term approaching, the 6D students have been toiling very hard to finish off projects and prepare for the Student Led Conferences next Tuesday. Their Real World Maths projects have thrown up many challenges, but as you will see in the video, there has been some fantastic work produced. The students have also been enlisting their creativity and engineering skills in designing and building a bridge that can support a toy car over a span of 50 cms. Poetry has been the focus in Literacy and there was some very creative and humorous poems written when the students had to rewrite the lyrics to Waltzing Matilda. In the ‘Marvellous Micro-organisms’ Science  unit, as well as making bread, the students have been investigating the characteristics of mould. Congratulations to everyone for their efforts last Tuesday; the students who proudly represented the school at the Winter Lightning Premiership all did well, as did the students who stayed back at school and participated in a range of sports and activities. Please enjoy the following presentations on Real World Maths, the recently presented Art awards and the special message from Mrs Bell about a special reading initiative that she is introducing.

6D Action

The students of 6D have been working really hard on their ‘Power to the People’  Inquiry projects. The video shows a snapshot of the finished ‘Three Levels of Government’ assignments. As part of  ‘Gold for Green Day’ the students created amazing garden-themed artworks for homework.

Did Spongebob murder Mr Krabs? According to the 6D jury, after four separate debates, it’s a no. In teams of three, the prosecution debated with the defence as part our persuasive writing unit in English.

Well done to Bella, Samuel, Ollie and Jake for their efforts at the District Cross Country and best of luck  to Rhiannon at  Division level next Wednesday.

Inquiry and Science

Time is really flying this term, we are almost half way through already. In Maths we have been focusing on multiplication and graphing. In Literacy, we have been learning a lot about persuasive writing. Our ‘Power to the People’ government Inquiry is winding up soon with the final task being about a global issue that governments can have an influence on. In Science, we have been investigating the micro-organisms that live in yeast. As part of this research we made bread to highlight the importance of the carbon-dioxide that is given off by the yeast that helps the bread to rise.

6D – Beep Test and Bombers

It was great to see all of the students from 6D putting in an enormous effort during the ‘beep test’ in PE last week. Well done to our highest scorers, Samuel with  11.1 and Bella with 8.4.

Essendon supporters were treated to an exciting surprise this week when senior players, Brendon Goddard, Orazio Fantasia and Josh Green visited the school and conducted a clinic, and a question and answer session in the gym.

Congratulations again to all of the students who courageously stand up and talk as leaders in front of the whole school assembly. It is a very challenging experience. A big pat on the back as well to Tanae for receiving a Kidsmatter award and to Finn for his outstanding effort in being a presenter at the Prep information evening.

School Cross Country

We have been fortunate to have had Miss Robison, a student teacher, in our classroom for the past two weeks. She has been a huge asset, running  lessons and assisting students with their learning.

On Tuesday the classrooms of 6C & 6D were transformed into the House of Representatives. The bill up for debate was ‘The No Homework Bill: A Bill for an Act to ban homework in all Australian schools.’
The students did a terrific job preparing their arguments and were given the opportunity to present their views as Ministers and Backbenchers. The Independents supported the Government and the Bill was passed in this parliamentary sitting (unfortunately for the students this was only a role play).

A big thank you to all of the students and families who attended the ANZAC Dawn Service at Mornington. Congratulations to Sophie for doing a great job in presenting a wreath, with Bailey, on behalf of the school.

Well done to all of the students who participated in the cross country today. It was great to see everyone having a go and doing their best.

6D Latest

Glorious sunshine enveloped all of the students today as they either competed for the school in teams in the Summer Lightning Premiership or in the Tabloid Sports back at school. Well done to everyone for their great efforts, especially Rhiannon, Claire, Jessica and Summer who formed the winning lawn bowls team and made my coaching look good!

Please enjoy the following videos showing some of the activities that the students from 6D have been involved in around the school, and then the second video highlights some of the activities from today’s Tabloid Sports.

City Camp – 2018

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and resting up in preparation for a very busy second term. The City Camp was a huge success with the students enjoying all of the amazing activities and experiencing a taste of life in our state capital. Well done to the students for their excellent behaviour and a big thank you to parents who gave up their time to come along and help out. Thanks also to Mr Beirne and Anna Goss for all of their effort in organising such a fantastic camp.

We don’t have all of the photos in yet, but here is a sample of some of the experiences that the students had on camp.