Goodbye Term 3

There has been so much happening over the past few weeks in 6D with the Summer Lightning Premiership, Year 6 Market, Footy Parade, sandwich making using a peer’s procedural text and the students using mindfulness to help clear their minds and refocus on the task at hand.

Fourth Term is looking just as busy with the film, Bike-Ed, Life-Ed and Graduation. So everyone have a safe and relaxing break and refresh the batteries for a big last term of primary school.

Enjoy the video

Year 6 Market 2017

After months of hard work and much use of  the ‘You Can Do It’ foundations of organisation, getting along, confidence, persistence and resilience, it was great to finally see all of the Year 6 student’s efforts rewarded with the market being such a huge success. What an amazing sight it was to see all of the colourful market stalls inundated with excited customers all enjoying themselves either sampling the scrumptious food, soaking in the creativity of the art and craft stalls or testing themselves with some of the challenging games and activities.

The students did a fantastic job in setting up and packing up; they were one big team with everyone helping each other. Thanks to everyone who helped to ensure that the day was a success for the students including the sponsors, office staff, pre-service  teachers, all other school staff and of course the parents, who have had to endure months of stress, demands, tears, driving students to collect donated goods, borrowing and carting around huge marquees, and constructing various items; the list goes on.

Congratulations and thanks everyone.

Market Homework Help

Dear Parents/Carers,

The students have received their homework for week 9, however, it is important that they share certain aspects of this with you. In the lead up to the market, they are required to complete tasks. As part of the project, it is important that they do this independently, with guidance from adults.

Here is a snippet from their homework to help you with your child/ren


This week you need to collect certain items for our ‘Mock Stall’ set-up. This process allows us to see what items each team still requires and is a good practice in setting up on their own.

As part of the project, it is important that you gather the following items;

  • Powerboards, extension cords
  • Marquee
  • Tables (if bringing a table in)

It is beneficial for the students to have practise in setting up the marquee, as it is an expectation of the project that they can ‘set-up’ a stall independently. The year six staff will be there to assist with any difficulties and safety concerns.

It is important that you discuss with your parents where you are up to, the expectations and how they can help you to finalise this big event. We appreciate their support

  1. Market Day!

The lead up to the market will be both exciting and tiring! In the lead up to the day, you will need to consider completing the following;

  • Product preparation (making items for the day at home or before school on market day- we don’t have time at school on the day to prepare any products)
  • Stall Decorations
  • Pick up non-perishable items, labelled with team name
  • Contact sponsors about final product pick up dates and times

Although each group is providing a different service, a general list of items for you to consider and need to collect and bring in for the day;

  • Containers for products
  • Utensils for serving such as tongs, gloves, spoons etc
  • Decorations for your stall
  • Duct tape
  • Any cooking items such as saucepans, wooden spoons etc
  • Garbage bags and plastic bags
  • Gladwrap
  • Paper towel for spills


  • Planning Day- Monday 11th September
  • Summer Lightning Premiership- Tuesday 12th September
  • Mock Market Set up- Wednesday 13th September
  • Market- Friday 15th September

Book Week Parade Plus…

What an excellent turn out we had for the Book and Movie Dress Up Parade! So many of the students in Year Six dressed up, it was fantastic to see the effort that everyone put into it.
Well done to the parent’s and carers for helping the students prepare for the day- we appreciate it!

Not long to go until the end of term, please remember our big events:
– Summer Lightning Premiership Tuesday 12th September
– Big Write Sandwich Making Day Thursday 14th September
– Market Friday 15th September
– All Year Six filming day Tuesday 19th September
– Whole School Footy Parade Thursday 21st September
– Last day of term Friday 22nd September

6D will be filming next term on Tuesday, October 24th. We have briefly discussed what is needed for costumes but more information will come home soon.

The following video shows some of the great costumes worn by the students on Wednesday, along with action from the District Athletics and finally a bit of engaging Chemical Science .

Market Advertisements

The children have been working incredibly hard on the Year Six Market. Below are some examples of advertisements we have created using our skills and knowledge of advertising we have covered in literacy. Enjoy!

Spin That Wheel

Crafts That Last

Knotty Noodles

Doh Much Fun

Your Friend Rocky

Splash Of Dye

Picture Perfect

A Chocolate Dream

Pong Palace

The Colour Palette

Stress Less

Ghoul School

Time’s Tickin’

The Gaming Lounge

The Scrumptious Sizzle

Soccer legends

Catch The Quack

Rc Bros

Candy Man

Goal Through The Pole

Sweet Guesses

Another 3 in the Basket

Spiders ‘n’ Ice

The Chocolate Table

The Smoothie Place

Little Miss Pancake

Bling! Bling!


Sugar Rush

The Funny Guys

Splat The Rat

Year 6 Market Preparation

Market preparation is well and truly underway! The students have been applying their creativity in developing their stall posters and digital advertisements, with the aim of enticing the eager crowds to their stall. In addition all the students have contacted a local business, seeking and organising sponsorship for their market stall. With only two weeks until the big day, the countdown is on!

Preparations are progressing well for our filming day on October 24th. We have had early discussions with the students about what costumes they’ll need and Kerry has already started working on gathering all the props we’ll need.

We are lucky to have Miss Kenny, a fourth year pre-service teacher, helping out in the classroom until the end of term.

The whole school assemblies provide a great platform for the Year 6 students to showcase how much they have grown in confidence with their speaking and listening skills. The following video highlights some examples of the Year 6 Leaders presenting at an assembly.

Market and Film

“Don’t look at Bruce; Bruce is not here!” barked Bruce Grantford, the producer/film maker, as the students practised their lines for our ‘Realm of Respect’ part of the Year 5/6, feature length film.  Another thing Bruce has an aversion to is students reading scripts, so it’s very important that the students practise and memorise their lines as soon as possible. We’ll know soon about what costumes and props that we we will need for filming.

The students have made a fantastic start to the 2017 Market. Ideas have been shared and the work completed in their Shark Tank pitch was of a high standard. Unfortunately some ideas were knocked back due to the need to balance out the number of food stalls with craft stalls and other activities. There is lots of hard work ahead but the students are really keen to make it a very successful market. We appreciate your support.

Reading Survey

Dear Parents,

Over the past year we have been working very hard to use current research and best practice to evaluate and develop our own Word Study and Spelling program. It has been very exciting and beneficial for staff and students. This is still an on-going process, and we hope to continue to learn and grow together. Our next focus area is Reading and we would like to begin by involving our parents, teachers and students in the review process. Below is a Parent Survey about reading. Please take a few minutes to complete it as the information we gather will be very beneficial when shaping our future programs.

Welcome to Term 3

Hi everyone!

A very warm welcome to Term 3! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!
I wanted to let you know a couple of events coming up next week for you to remember.

1. Jog-a-thon is next Tuesday the 25th at 10.30. Please ensure your child wears their runners.
2. Movie making with Bruce is beginning next Tuesday also, so please make sure payment and forms have been returned.

We are excited to start our inquiry unit ‘The Year Six Market’ this term, which is not only a wonderful learning experience for the Year 6 students but a lot of fun for them and the school community. You shall receive a letter explaining in detail the program and the expectations of staff, students and parents hopefully by the end of this week.

I am looking forward to a wonderfully productive term!
Darrel Hartwig