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Hi everyone. As you all will know by now, unfortunately, I am having the rest of the term off to recover from back surgery. I have bone pressing on a couple of nerve roots that affect my sciatic nerve and cause numbness, tingling and pain to varying degrees down my left leg. It has been an issue since the start of the year. To alleviate the problem, I am having my L4, L5  & S1 vertebrae fused. It is a common procedure but it needs a fairly lengthy recovery period. Mrs Jeny Wallace will be replacing me. She is very experienced and has taught many of the students before in Grade 2 and last year, Jeny taught part time in Year 4, so she will slot straight in with no worries. Thanks for your understanding and support; I am sorry for any disruption that this has caused. I am very disappointed to be missing out on such an exciting term. (PS: We need four parents to help out on the Melbourne Museum excursion on Wednesday, 21st of August. At present we only have one) Thanks again, Darrel Hartwig.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Mrs Wallace

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery Mr Hartwig.
    We all look forward to you returning in full health in Term 4. Make sure you rest up ! Mrs Wallace is doing a great job.
    Best wishes
    Mrs Rossiter

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