What is a Blog?

A blog is an online chronological journal where we can publish and share learning that happens in our classrooms using a variety of content including written work, discussions, photos and videos.

Why Blog?

Mount Martha Primary School has established classroom blogs to allow us to extend and share our learning with a wide audience. Instead of just teachers seeing our students work, parents will also be able to see what their children are doing at school and this will help to further strengthen our home and school partnerships.

A blog is another communication tool allowing our school to share information between the classroom and the home. A blog allows us to regularly post content about what has been learnt in class and links to Internet resources that students use at school.

Students at Mount Martha Primary School are taught about online responsibility, appropriate behavior and the importance of maintaining privacy online during ICT Specialist lessons and in their classroom. Our classroom blogs will provide a great opportunity to discuss the learning that happens at school with your child and also to discuss Internet safety.

Is it secure?

Our blogs at Mount Martha Primary School are hosted by Global2 which is supported by the Victorian Education Department. Posts and comments are moderated before they appear online so that no inappropriate content is available on the site or to the students. Online, students will only ever be identified by their first name, maintaining their privacy and only students whose parents have signed permission for their child’s work and/or photograph to be displayed via our internet site at will be included in the blog. This permission form is signed upon enrollment.

How can parents become involved?

Content that is posted on a blog can be commented on and this provides parents with the opportunity to become involved, by posting comments to the site about the work that has been shared. You are able to access our Classroom Blogs through our school website at Parents can click on the link and can then chose to be an email subscriber to blogs for their child/children. Parents will then be notified by email when something new is posted for them to view.


Parents who wish to post a comment are also asked to please to use only first names only to help maintain the privacy of our students. Students are not encouraged to post comments on their own, as this requires them to sign up for their own email account. Students are able to post comments with their parents. Click on the posting comments tab for tips on how to post a comment.

2 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Thanks to the Year 5 teachers for the insightful information evening. It was exciting to here about all the fabulous events that have been planned for the kids this year. Awesome!!

    • Thanks Natalie, I am so glad to hear that you gained lots of useful information from the evening. Selina and the rest of 5B will really find the year educational and engaging.

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