4A Filming Day – Take 2

Thankfully everything went well today with our filming. Thank you to the parents who helped with make-up, costumes and supervision. Tickets are selling fast for the film festival next month, so get your orders in ASAP. Here is a snippet of the action from today as well as a boomerang presentation.

4A Footprints Day

Glorious, warm sunshine made  a great day even more enjoyable today as the students from 4A participated in an action packed day full of exploration, adventure and learning. As part of our ‘First Contact’ Inquiry unit, the students were treated to a very engaging and informative presentation from Lionel about our First Nation’s people. We learnt a lot about the Bunurong people and how they lived, hunted and gathered food, particularly the local bush tucker which the students enjoyed sampling. Well done to the students for their behaviour and enthusiasm, and a big thank you to the parents who came and helped out today.

4A Bee Projects

Well done to all of the students from 4A for proudly and confidently presenting their favourite pieces of work from the first semester to their parents at the Student Led Conferences. The students really enjoyed our Inquiry topics this term which culminated in the ‘Bee Project’. They all produced engaging and informative projects highlighting the importance of bees to the survival of our planet. Following our previous failed filming day we have a new date, Friday, July 26th. Hopefully we will have a full class that day with everyone back from holidays. Enjoy the break!

Holiday Screen Time

This video is a good one to get you thinking about balancing your time and not spending too much time in front of a screen this holidays. Hopefully, the weather will be kind on some of the days so that you can get outside and play or maybe play a board game inside rather than spending long periods of time on video games.

Book Review Competition

We had some great entries to our Book Review Competition and by far the most creative was the “Family Book Club” animation by the Lawrenson family, reviewing the book “The World’s Worst Children” by David Walliams. Here it is for you to enjoy!

4A Bits and Pieces

Term 2 is almost over and the students from 4A have been working really hard in all areas of the curriculum. With Student Led Conferences on this week, I am looking forward to supporting the students as they step up and proudly present their best pieces of work to their parents. For those who are away and can’t make it, I’ll be in touch early next term and we’ll arrange a time for those students to show their work. Following is a video with some of the activities that students in 4A have been involved in.

Snippets from 4A.

All 26 students present, costumes on, fantastic parents had applied the makeup, weather good and the scene all set. Lights! Camera! Action! That’s where it ended! Unfortunately due to technical difficulties our day of filming ended before it started. Disappointed? Yes! End of the world? No! There are worse things happening in the world than that. It was great practise for next time and it was a good resilience builder. Thanks to the parent and Year 6 student helpers. Not sure of the new date; it looks like early next term. As soon as we know, we’ll send out the information. Following is a video of the students working on shape in Mathematics and snapshots of our  brief experience with filming.

Gold for Green Day

Glorious autumn sunshine engulfed the students of 4A and their buddies from Prep OA as they added around 70 native plants to the new garden behind the Year 5/6 playground. They then collaborated together to create pledges to make a difference and protect the environment. Following is a snippet of the action. Don’t forget we are filming on Thursday, June 6th, so please discuss with your child, the role that they have  in the movie and ensure that they have their costume organised.

Year 4 Camp

What an amazing camp we had last week, with sun, fun and friendship. I know you have all been waiting to see some photos, so sit back and enjoy the photographic skills of the students and a brief overview of the activities they experienced. We would like to thank the parents who came along for their time, help and enthusiasm, which all made our camp possible. Also a big thank you to Mrs Rubinstein for doing such a great job coordinating the camp.